Custom Made Furniture

One of the services we offer is designing and producing non-standard furniture. If a customer envisions an entirely new design, we can help bring the idea to fruition and develop the product to bespoke specifications.

Technical Capacity

We have the equipment to manufacture both large and small individual orders, which makes us very flexible when it comes to customer requests and capable of realizing even the most complex of projects.

We have mastered the use of diverse materials, creating furniture with bentwood or metal elements of varying complexity, as well as upholstered and acoustic furniture.

Our state-of-the-art equipment is highly universal, making the range of possibilities for bespoke orders extremely broad.

Experience & Professionalism

We are pleased to have on our team professionals with over 25 years of experience in individual furniture production and design.

Non-standard furniture engineers consider every last detail to fulfill the needs of the client.

The design of special furniture begins with discussing that vision and transforming it into a technical brief or analyzing the specifications provided by the customer. We give a great deal of attention to the quality and functionality of the designed furniture.